About Us – What we offer

Mares Bow Hair is a family business that offers you the finest bow hair for professional use. We are the third generation of our family to work with bow hair and our experience and long tradition means we are proud to guarantee the high quality of our products.

All of our bow hair originates from the cold climate areas of the regions of Mongolia, Siberia and China.

The loyalty of our customers worldwide as well as our participation in major trade fairs (Paris, Frankfurt, and Cremona) shows our commitment to providing the highest quality bow hair.

We hope that our bow hair fulfils all your requirements. Please contact us if you need more information or have any questions.Thank you

bow hair – crins pour archets – crini per archi – bogenhaare – crin para el arco

Beatriz Mares – beatriz@marescpa.com – 620 900 930